What Did We Do? I Why Did We Do It? I How Did It Benefit Your Firm and the Industry at Large?  – Global DCA

What Did We Do? I Why Did We Do It? I How Did It Benefit Your Firm and the Industry at Large? 

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to take a moment to share this year’ IMPACT 2022 Report and I strongly encourage you to deep dive into a few of the key sections (e.g., ROI for Membership, The Road to Self-Regulation, Balanced Regulation – Our North Star). IMPACT reporting is one way that we at the Global DCA communicate transparently and openly with Member Firms, Candidate Firms, Legislators, Regulators and Stakeholders. In doing so, we seek to answer a few very important questions: What did we do? Why did we do it? How did it benefit your firm and the industry at large?

2022 Key Milestones…

Although this year was challenging, I wanted to highlight and applaud our Board, Advisory Board, Member Firms and broader Community of Industry Peers on the achievement of a few key milestones:

  • We almost doubled our membership to 93, all which have been vetted and committed to our code of conduct
  • We delivered $6 of value per $1 of member fees through our relentless drive to the commercial success of members
  • We made 80 congressional visits to educate lawmakers and politicians on what balanced regulation looks like and the necessity for an independent self-regulatory organization (or SRO)
  • We ran numerous consultations that have informed our robust SRO framework project and established our Steering Committee to drive Core Principles and responsible innovation in the digital asset industry.

The Global DCA Takes ACTION to Make IMPACT…

In other words, the Global DCA is taking ACTION to make IMPACT. Having worked in financial sector and economic reform previously, I can say with confidence that managing strategic achievement, ensuring forward progress and monitoring and evaluating success is not always easy when you are dealing with qualitative measures.

However – it is possible – and in fact, necessary to ensuring that all the many THINGS we produce (reports, comment letters, research, events, education) actually work to advance POSITIVE CHANGE in the industry. To this end, you will see that every Output or deliverable we have produced links back to our overriding Outcomes and Impacts we seek to have on the global industry.

Looking to the Year Ahead…

Looking to the year ahead, we’ll continue to deliver triple-line quantitative value to our members as we drive hard to make an IMPACT on:

  1. Policy – which informs regulation
  2. Education – to upskill professionals
  3. Business Development – through commercial collaborations

The key highlight here is that we’re on track to launch the SRO framework which is a game changer for the future of digital assets.

First Step Towards Positive ACTION is MEMBERSHIP…

I’ll leave you with this – whether you’re a blockchain-native or a TradFi embracing a blockchain-enabled future, don’t get left behind if you want to make an IMPACT to grow responsibly.

The first step to taking positive ACTION is to become a Global DCA member and be a steward of trust and integrity in the promising future of digital assets.