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Noah Baalessanvu

Noah Baalessanvu

Head of Technology Business at CryptoSavannah

  • Head of Technology Business at CryptoSavannah
  • Board Member of the Blockchain Association Uganda
  • Chairman, National Information Security Advisory Group – Uganda
  • Ambassador – Data Security at Global Blockchain Business Council

Blockchain Enthusiast, ICO/STO Advisory, Crypto-Economics Advisory(for Cryptocurrencies, Security Tokens, Utility Tokens, and Stablecoins) Crypto Asset Development, Blockchain Architecture Design, Blockchain Audit, Crypto Regulation

Cyber Security Advisory, Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics, ISO 27000, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Risk Assessment, Policy, Software Assurance, and Strategy Advisory,

Specialties: Blockchain Advisory, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Insurance, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Business Strategy, Competitive analysis, financing, franchising, mergers and acquisition, real estate, Fund management, Currency Trading, Equity Investing (Venture Capital).