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Digital Asset Association Ramps up in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global DCA is pleased to announce that it has retained Atlas Crossing, a strategic intelligence and public affairs consulting firm, to enhance its U.S. federal outreach efforts. As Global DCA continues to establish itself as the leading self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry, Atlas Crossing will utilize its decades of collective bipartisan experience to cultivate Congressional and federal agency advocacy on behalf of Global DCA, advising on strategy to foster responsible regulations, serve as a resource to policymakers and provide a platform for industy's engagement. "Our partnership with Atlas Crossing greatly enhances our ability to align with legislative and regulatory priorities while developing standards for the industry," said Matt Lisle, Chairman of the Interim Board of Global DCA. "Atlas Crossing has a successful track record managing broad coalitions to advocate for smart regulation for the benefit of all stakeholders, and that expertise will better position Global DCA as a credible industry advocate in Washington, D.C. at a critical time for the industry." The Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association Hires D.C.-Based Public Affairs Consulting Firm Atlas Crossing"Our firm looks forward to representing Global DCA in Washington and helping to build its brand as a responsible leader and standard setter in the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry," said Sean Joyce, Founder and CEO of Atlas Crossing. "There is certainly a lot of attention in Washington surrounding the digital asset space, and now more than ever policymakers need to hear from responsible actors like the members of Global DCA who are focused on fostering financial innovation and...

Croke Fairchild joins Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association

Croke Fairchild Morgan & Beres is pleased to share we have joined the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA) as an affiliate member. Global DCA supports the growth of the global digital economy, guiding the evolution of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and underlying technology through standards and consensus-based solutions that address the major challenges facing the industry. To read more, click HERE:

Not All Exchanges Are Created Equal: Top Four Criteria to Consider When Selecting a Crypto-Exchange

Savvy traders and institutional users bound by fiduciary duties to protect end investors should conduct careful due diligence when selecting a platform. Not all exchanges are created equal – especially when it comes to crypto. Here’s what to look for when choosing a digital asset trading platform, write Gabriella Kusz, Board Member of the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association, and Kristin Boggiano, Co-Founder and President of CrossTower. Read the full article HERE:

FIX and DCA See Rosy Future for Digital Assets

In the last 12 months, there has been a sea change in the crypto markets with a shift from the sentiment-driven retail model and speculative trading to a more mature, long-term investment approach, as new institutional players begin allocating a portion of their investments to crypto assets, Tony Pettipiece, Chair of the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Public Policy & Regulation Committee, said. “These more stable institutional flows have led to a broadening of the investor base, higher volumes in crypto derivatives, and a solidifying impact on liquidity, though volatility can still be high,” he told Traders Magazine. To read more, click HERE:

Brane Capital President Jerome Dwight To Participate In Global DCA’s Crypto Connection 2021 Conference, Featuring Mark Cuban, Mike Novogratz

OTTAWA, Ontario , May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Brane Capital, a leading North American cryptocurrency custodian, announced today that Jerome Dwight , the company's president, will participate in the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association's (Global DCA) Crypto Connection 2021 Conference. The conference's speakers include prominent crypto investors Mark Cuban and Mark Novogratz. To learn more, click HERE: