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JOIN US! Crypto Connection 2021 Conference - Attendance is FREE

“The amount of growth that we’re going to see in our space is staggering. We’re just getting started…”

  • Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital Interview on CNBC Squawk Box, 14 April 2021

2021 will be known as the year crypto went mainstream. The flood of institutional investors entering the asset class, the decision by traditional payment companies to offer crypto access and payment options, and the dynamism of listed (public) digital asset companies, futures contracts, and ETFs – all point to a sea change in our understanding and perceived value of cryptocurrency.

This conference explores FIVE pivotal dimensions necessary for leadership in the era of institutional crypto adoption.

Emerging Fintech – Prime Brokerage & Advisory Services – Credit & Risk Management – Compliance – Regulation

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The Crypto Conference Event of the Year! No Cost to Attend.

JUNE 8, 2021 / DAY ONE —————————————————-

12:00 PM ET - Introductory Remarks

12:05PM ET - Special Keynote Session Featuring Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks), Mike Novogratz (CEO, Galaxy Digital) and Moderated by Kapil Rathi (CEO, CrossTower)

12:45 PM ET - KEYNOTE #1: Sam Bankman-Fried (CEO, FTX) as Interviewed by Matt Roszak (Chairman and Co-Founder, Bloq)

1:30 PM ET - Sponsor Showcase

1:45 PM ET - NEXT GEN: Pushing the Limits of Finance & Technology

2:45 PM ET - Sponsor Showcase

3:00 PM ET - A Prime Brokerage REBOOT - Servicing for Digital Assets Re-imagined

4:00 PM ET - What’s Trending on Crypto Legislation & Regulation


JUNE 9, 2021 / DAY TWO —————————————————-

12:00 PM ET - Welcome Remarks

12:05 PM ET - KEYNOTE #2: Hunter Merghart (Head of US, Bitstamp) as Interviewed by Anna Irrera (Chief Correspondent for Fintech, Reuters)

12:30 PM ET - ETFs: The Final Crypto Frontier

1:30 PM ET - Sponsor Showcase

1:45 PM ET - Navigating the Minefield of Crypto-Adoption

2:45 PM ET - Sponsor Showcase

3:00 PM ET - DeFi-ing the Odds: Will DeFI Reshape the Financial Sector as We Know It?

4:00 PM ET - TRADING UP! Market Surveillance, Products & Platforms