Membership Committee


The Membership Committee actively promotes the awareness of the Global DCA among industry participants and other parties interested in the evolution of the global regulatory framework for digital assets and cryptocurrency, it conducts the initial public outreach and solicitation of interested firms and individuals to join the Global DCA, manages the ongoing relations with members and their good standing within the organization, and serves as a resource for interested parties seeking more information about the organization and its objectives.


The Membership Committee supports the main objectives of the Global DCA and serves as one of the key pillars of the organization to facilitate widespread industry engagement globally. Its main responsibilities are to:

  • Stimulate strong industry involvement to join the Global DCA and expand the membership base
  • Promote public awareness with regards to the objectives and ongoing efforts of the organization through outreach activities and member events
  • Deliver assistance and support to existing member organizations by serving as a resource and ensure their good standing;
  • Facilitate the process of joining the Global DCA by interested parties and ensure that all new member obligations are successfully met