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2022 Membership Offering

“By drawing together industry leaders
around responsible innovation, we can
advance standards which shape industry
Renata Szkoda,
Chairwoman of the
Global DCA

Thank you for considering membership in the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association! We are excited to share more about our organization with you and invite you to join our community.

The Global DCA maintains an open and inclusive membership base which is reflected in its clear entry requirements, equitable and transparent organizational governance and accessible pricing model.

Please review the below Membership Offering document which details the value proposition, benefits and fees associated with membership. If you would like to progress with the membership application process, please contact to engage with our Membership Advisor.

Our Value Proposition

What are the Benefits of Membership in the Global DCA? What value will your firm receive from belonging to our community? In addition to the benefits of helping to shape standards, advancing education and understanding in the industry, and having your firm’s voice represented in our policy work, the below details some of the direct benefits you and your firm will receive:

  • Board & Committee Leadership – All Members and Affiliates are welcome to respond to Calls for Nomination for the purpose of serving on the Global DCA Board and Committees.
  • Voting Rights – Full Members have the ability to participate in membership voting regarding key decision-making. Affiliates are non-voting members of the Global DCA.
  • Formal Onboarding – Discussion between Global DCA leadership and your firm to determine how best to leverage benefits of membership and determine participation / representation on various committees and working groups. Firm membership in the Global DCA is not restricted to just one representative’s participation. We work with you to identify how the variety of departments and firm leadership may benefit from your firm’s membership.
  • Meet the Board / Membership – Opportunity to present to the Board and Members and introduce your firm / product / service to the community. This session allows members to ask questions, engage directly with your firm leadership and offer insight and perspective as you navigate the industry.
  • Industry Meet & Greets – Regular thirty minute sessions structured to provide Members and Affiliates with private audience with key thought leaders and innovators. Members and Affiliates have the opportunity to pose questions and engage interactively with guest speakers and presenters.
  • Accounting & Tax Working Group – Specially designed sessions addressing the challenges facing CFOs, Treasurers, Chief Accounting Offices and Audit / Accounting Firm Staff. Discussions typically include presentation, discussion and case studies.

  • Weekly Global Public Policy Meetings– Member and Affiliates are welcome to join the weekly Public Policy and Regulation Committee calls which are held at various times closed to Membership only.

  • Public Policy Roundtables – As opportunities to respond and provide comments on behalf of the industry arise, we source input and perspective from our members and stakeholders. Members have the opportunity to either participate in roundtable sessions where active presentation, discussion and dialogue allow members to have their perspectives represented.

  • US Advocacy – At the Basic Membership level this includes:
    • 1-Quarterly Washington, D.C. “Fly-In” hosted by Atlas Crossing
    • Bi-weekly legislative & regulatory newsletter “Washington Power Briefing”
    • Monthly advocacy call
  • Professional Level Certification – In 2022, the Global DCA will be launching its formal education and certification program. Member benefits are in the process of being determined for this offering. Please ask Global DCA Leadership for updated information on this aspect of membership if your firm may be interested.

  • Priority Consideration for Conference Speaking & Sponsorship – The Global DCA maintains a strong network of associations and partner organizations which host and produce events, conferences and seminars. Additionally, the Global DCA organizes its own events and conferences which offer priority opportunity (right of first refusal) for Global DCA Members to obtain sponsorship and speaking slots.
  • Networking Receptions – For those based in Chicago, USA we offer quarterly receptions co-hosted with Global DCA Member Firm Regiment which provides an opportunity for sponsorship as well as broader networking with Global DCA Membership and the digital asset community.
  • Global Soft-Landing – The Global DCA works to leverage its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) partnerships with other self-regulatory associations around the world to facilitate membership in partner associations and to support your business development and expansion.