JOIN US! Digital Assets Connection 2023 – Global DCA

JOIN US! Digital Assets Connection 2023

When was the last time you attended a conference that was a catalyst for CHANGE? Welcome to the Digital Asset Connection!

Previously known as the CryptoConnection, in 2023, the Tabb FORUM / Global DCA “Digital Assets Connection” Conference will evolve beyond its cryptocurrency roots into the broader thematic area of digital assets and will focus on providing insights, perspectives and dialogue around ‘building’ a solid foundation – or bedrock – upon which a dynamic digital asset industry may thrive.

Global DCA

What do you do when the markets are down? You BUILD.

As both traditional financial institutions and digitally native firms seek to re-orient, reposition and BUILD during the ‘crypto-winter’ – this year’s event will draw attendees into interactive dialogue, intimate roundtable discussions, and knowledge sharing on the most pressing issues facing the industry:

  • Stablecoin and payment tokens
  • Current trading and exchange environments for CeFi and DeFi
  • Digital asset custody
  • Digital asset utility and purpose

Session topics and structure have been designed to cut through the chaos of the past twelve months and support attendees in taking those crucial next steps in thinking strategically, making the necessary industry connections and building the bedrock for institutional adoption.

Shouldn’t a conference be more than just listening and networking? We think YES!

Digital Asset Connection 2023 has been structured to not only advance learning and networking, but also to serve as an official input into the policy work and engagement that the Global DCA will undertake in 2023 / 2024. It is for this reason that all Global DCA Member Firms are encouraged to attend and participate.

To advance these purposes, in addition to plenary presentations, this year’s event is structured to include intimate, moderated roundtable sessions which allow participants (both public and private sector) to engage in meaningful discussions on targeted questions and issues. Rapporteurs will capture key points of learning and agreement at various tables and will synthesize and facilitate incorporation of these points into Global DCA policy work. strategy and engagement on behalf of the broader industry.

WHAT: Digital Asset Connection Conference 2023

WHERE: The Loading Dock, Stamford, CT USA [45 min. drive / easy commute from NYC]

WHEN: June 7th, 2023 @ 8AM – 7PM ET

***In its commitment to the public-private sector engagement, the Global DCA provides FREE tickets for all interested public sector, government and non-profit employees (as space allows) – please reach out to with the heading “Public Sector Discount Code – DAC2023” to obtain the code for  tickets at the government / non-profit discounted rate. ***

How are you setting your firm apart as a leader in the industry? Join us as a SPONSOR!

Read below to learn more about how your firm can sponsor, speak and lead discussions. This year’s Digital Asset Connection is on track to leverage panelist, speaker and participant knowledge to make CHANGE. Don’t be left behind…