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Crisis In Ukraine – Crypto Resource Hub

On almost every television channel, newspaper front page and social media outlet we are able to see and hear reports of the war in Ukraine. Early in this conflict the digital asset and crypto industry has taken a front and center role both through the use of crypto to fund the Ukrainian military as well as the potential for using crypto for humanitarian assistance (support to medical assistance, refugee support, etc.). Crypto and its transparency, global accessibility, and instantaneous settlement offer significant benefits in these areas – but only when transactions are conducted responsibly.

As Members of the Global DCA we come together under the banner of responsible innovation. At the heart of this responsibility is a commitment to sharing information, resources and support regarding the responsible ways in which crypto may be utilized.  The below tools, guidance and resources have been crowdsourced from our 60+ member firms and we will continue to update this listing regularly as additional materials become available.

If you have questions or would like assistance please reach out to for support.

Crypto for Ukraine Live Tracker

Looking for real-time data and information on crypto donations to Ukraine? The Crypto for Ukraine Live Tracker provides up to date information on amounts (USD), recipient organizations (Ukraine Military, NGO, or other), the preferred cryptocurrencies for transferring value and much more. Important data and insight on daily values and trends for policymakers, researchers, NGOs working to navigate the use of crypto during this crisis. Powered by Merkle Science the predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform.

Click below to access the tracker!

AML / KYC Handbook

Looking for guidance on how to structure and operate a strong system of AML / KYC for cryptocurrency and digital assets? The below open source AML / KYC Rulebook has been prepared by a consortium of firms including Global DCA Member Firm FinClusive. It is free and open to the public and designed to be applicable in jurisdictions around the world with varying levels of operational, human and technical capacity. This Rulebook offers your NGO / firm the ability to engage in the digital asset space in a manner which:

  • Ensures conformity with international Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) standards, data protection guidelines, international payments rules, and financial system integrity protocols; and
  • Easily applies essential FCC standards to your organization’s policies for strong governance and regulatory compliance.

Please CLICK below to access:

NGO / Non-Profit Crypto Giving Support

Looking for support for your NGO in accepting and delivering crypto donations? More than $50 million in cryptocurrency has been raised for Ukraine since Russia began military operations. CrossTower is helping its nonprofit partners accept cryptocurrency from their donors and send it to the Ukraine. If your non-profit needs assistance in accepting and delivering crypto (or you are an enterprise that would like to match donations of one of our nonprofits), please contact – feel free to visit their crypto donations site below as well:

Ransomware Preparedness & Response

Looking to assess your organization’s degree of preparedness / responsiveness to a ransomware attack? The Global DCA is proud to support the Information Security Forum’s (ISF) upcoming “Test and Prove Your Ability to Respond to a Ransomware Attack on Your Business” to be held on March 10th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (venue and details to be provided upon confirmation of acceptance) and on March 16th at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL USA. As noted by a recent Forbes article on the subject, immediately after the Russo – Ukranian conflict broke out, suspected Russian-sourced cyber-attacks were observed over a 48-hour period at an increase of over 800%.

The ISF event is structured to support CISO and CXOs – if you are interested in attending and advancing your preparedness and organizational response, you must be approved by event organizers.

For Amsterdam (March 10th) – please send email directly to Daniel Normal at for approval and registration.

For Chicago (March 16th) – please send email directly to Ray Diggs at for approval and registration. Click below for full event information: