DeFi-ING EXPECTATIONS: November 10, 2021

With its roots in blockchain technology and peer-to-peer financial transactions, the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is attracting more than just niche investors. Increasingly, institutions are exploring how and in what way they may enhance efficiency, execute transactions more effectively, increase returns on assets, and maximize profits using DeFi. With the proper understanding, risk management and strategic approach, institutions can defy expectations around efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability and take their firm to the next level. TABB Forum and Global DCA are proud to present the DeFi-ing Expectations: Utilizing Decentralized Finance to Drive Institutional Performance Conference Event and VIP Reception series to offer insight on emerging trends, products and applications tailored to the unique needs of the serious institutional investor. Click on the link below to register Download PDF

TABB Forum / Global DCA Crypto Connection 2021 Conference: June 8 & 9 2021

The event was an overwhelming success with 1900 participants representing over 1300 institutions that brought together the best and the brightest in the industry speaking about opportunities, challenges and solutions in the new digital era! 2021 Crypto Connection Conference

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