The Global DCA began as a grassroots working group focused on establishing an industry-sponsored, voluntary, self-regulatory association for the global digital asset and crypto markets. Over the past two years, we have:

  • Built a 110+ representative coalition to provide input, feedback, and insight into the development of our organization.
  • Undertook surveys, informational interviews, focus groups and research on the needs and challenges of the digital assets community.
  • Sought the advice and guidance of international SRO development experts, current and former SRO Presidents and CEOs, and industry / government / regulatory leaders.
  • Organized a diverse 40+ Member High Level Working Group to steward our efforts and ensure inclusive development.
  • Undertook intensive focus on organizational strategy as well as the development of governance structure (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws), initial standards (Code of Conduct), enforcement (Arbitration Rules), and compliance (Antitrust policy and training).
  • Held elections and assembled an interim board to steward the early growth and elaboration of the organization. Identified and assembled global industry leaders from around the world as an Advisory Board to support our global orientation and strategic focus as a self-regulatory association.
  • Presently, we are inviting Founding Members to support our organization’s growth and development and undertaking our membership drive to on-board the many interested organizations and individuals who have contributed to and been following the growth and development of the Global DCA.