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Is Crypto Fueling Corruption or Helping Citizens Flee It? – Blockworks

IMF study finds crypto adoption is more prevalent in countries with higher corruption and capital controls. But why?. The IMF report’s authors found both factors were practically indistinguishable in terms of their significance within the survey data. But the practical implementation of capital controls is itself a highly nuanced affair, according to Gabriella Kusz, CEO of the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association. Just because capital controls exist doesn’t mean they are functioning well, she told Blockworks. “Consumers understand the degree of corruption inherent in their financial sector and economy and seek a financially inclusive, transparent and independent form of exchange through crypto,” Kusz said. Read Full Article Here

Global DCA Response – Response to OECD Crypto-Assets Reporting Framework and Amendments to the Common Reporting Standard

Through this response to the OECD Crypto Asset Reporting Framework (CARF), the Global DCA presented the following arguments: The Need for Secure Sharing of Data by Reporting Crypto-Asset Service Providers The Need to Support Decentralized Identity The Opportunity to Explore and Support Decentralized Tax The proposal then goes into provision of various recommendations noting that the Global DCA stands ready to collaborate with the OECD and its members to implement recommendations provided utilizing the Global DCA's broad member support to achieve tax reporting compliance while taking advantage of modern technologies to ensure vision of the right tax at the right time is realized. Please CLICK below to read the full response! CLICK HERE for the Full Response

Global DCA Response – US SEC Proposed Rule “Amendments to Exchange Act Rule 3b-16 Regarding Definition of an “Exchange”

Through this response to the US SEC "Global DCA Response - US SEC Proposed Rule "Amendments to Exchange Act Rule 3b-16 Regarding Definition of an "Exchange", the Global DCA presented the following arguments... (more…)

Global DCA Applauds ESMA Efforts to Support Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in European Financial Markets

Through this response, the Global DCA applauded the European Union's efforts to enable and support the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to financial markets. We believe that DLT has the potential to significantly impact innovation and competition in financial markets. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is absolutely correct in recognizing the potential that DLT has to improve securities settlements. In many ways, settlements illustrate a perfect use case for DLT and highlight the many benefits that may accrue to the European securities markets, financial sector, and economy. (more…)

Global DCA Welcomes Executive Order Drawing Attention to the Importance of Digital Assets

The Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA) is pleased that the Biden-Harris Administration has drawn needed attention to the importance of a stable, consistent, and workable regulatory framework with today's Executive Order on digital assets. We appreciate the Administration's acknowledgment of the benefits that digital assets can provide for everyone, including market participants and those outside the financial system like the unbanked and underbanked. As the Administration carries out the provisions of the Order, we are hopeful that all due care will be taken to ensure that the United States can maintain its position at the head of innovation in this critical new industry, while protecting consumers and the economy.  (more…)

The Future of Crypto Regulation – 21 March 2022 – UK / Virtual

The Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association is proud to support the City & Financial Global "The Future of Crypto Regulation Summit - Towards a Global Regulatory Framework for Cryptoassets" on March 21, 2022 As a supporting organization we are proud to offer our Members and interested firms a discount to participate. USE DISCOUNT CODE: CRYPTO4GDCA for 20% OFF   Click HERE to REGISTER (more…)

EXPLORE the “2022 AICPA Practice Aid Topics on Accounting for Digital Assets” – March 3, 2022 @ 10 AM ET – Global DCA Accounting & Tax Working Group

The Global DCA Accounting & Tax Working Group is pleased to welcome presentation by Global DCA Member Firm Crowe LLP This session will feature a deep dive into the American Institute of CPAs 2022 "Practice Aid Topics on Accounting for Digital Assets." WHEN: Thursday, March 3, 2022  @ 10:00 AM Eastern Time USA / 09:00 AM Central Time PLEASE REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE (more…)

Global DCA Welcomes Congressman Gottheimer’s “Stablecoin Innovation & Protection Act 2022”

The Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association welcomes and fully supports the Stablecoin Innovation and Protection Act of 2022 proposed by Congressman Gottheimer. By establishing a regulatory framework for a “qualified stable coin” and a “qualified stable coin issuer,” the proposed legislation fosters responsible innovation while establishing a foundation for public trust and consumer protection for private stable coin offerings. (more…)

JOIN US! Global DCA Proudly Supports #NFTIndia – February 24, 2022

February 24, 2022 – The Global DCA is proud to sponsor the NFT India Conference hosted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Global DCA Member Firm RARIO. Numerous Global DCA Member Firm representatives will be taking the stage including from CrossTower, CryptoSavannah and Pink Panda. The IAMAI has always been at the forefront of promoting new digital products and technologies and helping develop a healthy digital asset industry. As the Non Fungible Token (NFT) market rapidly expanded in 2021, discussions about the future of NFT have accelerated. Although the topic of high-priced art transactions and successful auctions have attracted a lot of attention, NFTs are a technology that adds value not only to the final product, but also to the background and history of the production, the connection between fans and artists, and the process of taking on new challenges. India is witnessing the start of a new revolution – join this virtual event to learn more! REGISTER HERE

Global DCA Recommends “FinCEN should use this moment as an opportunity to re-imagine the BSA/AML framework in light of new and emerging technologies”

On Monday February 14th, the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association welcomed the opportunity to respond to FinCEN’s request for information to solicit comment on ways to streamline, modernize, and update the anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regime of the United States. The Global DCA applauded FinCEN’s purpose in requesting this feedback from the industry and recommended that FinCEN should use this moment as an opportunity to re-imagine the BSA/AML framework in light of new and emerging technologies. (more…)